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10 European capitals to make an unforgettable backpacking trip

Traveling to Europe is the dream of many people. The region’s multiculturalism, captivating climate and its multiple attractions, arouse the eyes of travelers worldwide. In addition to having world famous sights, most postcards are easily accessible and have open arms and doors waiting for you.

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Europe is the right destination for tourists, and as much as it may seem, it is possible to visit several places without spending a lot, being the perfect place to make a backpacking trip.

So, nothing better than enjoying the beauty of European countries, starting with a fuse of adventures in their capitals. Hurb made a list of 10 fantastic capitals of Europe to meet and go on an adventure with a backpack on your back.

London, England

Full of charms and passionate places, London is the city in Europe that is most visited by tourists and one of the most attractive to adventurous travelers. The capital of England, in addition to being super versatile, has a diversity of tourist spots that appeal to all types of personality.
The British city has become a major attraction for backpackers, thanks to its must-see attractions and programs, such as the famous bike tour to the noble Windsor Castle, which passes through beautiful scenery along the River Thames and the London Eye. Taking that classic photo in the red phone booths, preferably, in which the famous Big Ben clock has become a tradition for everyone who visits the place.
Destinations and programs to do are not lacking here, and in some of them you don’t spend anything to get to know. The Tate Modern, Natural History Museum and the famous pedestrian crossing where the band The Beatles photographed the cover of their album Abbey Road prove how much you can venture without having to spend a single penny.

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Rome, Italy

Known worldwide for their fascinating stories that we have heard and studied since high school, Italian cities are a tourist destination for many travelers from all over the world. Rome, the capital of Italy, is pure charm and it’s divided between imperial, baroque, republican, medieval, renaissance and papal. Its collection of historic buildings, monuments and squares form the perfect setting for an unforgettable trip.
The famous capital of the country is known worldwide for being one of the most important cities in the history of mankind, being full of attractions and incredible walks. In addition to being extremely rich in its architectural and artistic context, the sights of Rome are relatively close, which reduces its cost of transportation and, during the first or last Sundays of the month, some monuments such as the famous Colosseum, Pietà and even fascinating museums have entirely free entry. What’s better than this?

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Vienna, Austria

Nothing better than enjoying the European cold in a cabin, venturing out in the snow or contemplating the natural and cultural beauty of a place without having to measure effort, just arrive and enjoy. The Austria is that country –you’ll feel like you’re in a movie set, which in addition to providing unique moments like these, has a range of attractiveness for you to enjoy at any time and have the time of your life.
The cities of this country are to love, mainly Vienna , the capital, with its nights full of light, cozy restaurants and that perfect climate for those who are in love. In addition, the Austrian capital has tourist attractions from past centuries, which are extremely famous for their architecture and sensational constructions, such as the Historic Center of Vienna, the capricious Baroque churches, museums, palaces, monuments, gardens and even sky markets open that are worth visiting.

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Paris, France

Paris … Ah, Paris . Who has never had that desire to take a picture at the Eiffel Tower or else, I enjoyed the atmosphere and the charms of the City of Light with someone special? As actress Audrey Hepburn once said, “Paris is always a good idea”, whatever time you go, you will surely fall in love and want to come back more and more often.
The French capital offers a series of exclusive itineraries for those who wish to venture and enjoy the most of the entire region. In addition to planning your trip to spectacular world heritage sites, such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre Museum, you should also visit the famous Chateau de Versailles and the Notre Dame Cathedral , which will make you marvel at the architectural beauty. Enjoy the best of France and don’t leave Paris without taking a tour of the waters of the River Seine or, if you prefer, a picnic by your side.

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Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is one of the most sought after destinations for great adventures in Europe and one of the most famous. Known for its charm, beauty, history, receptivity and simplicity, in the heart of this sensational country, is its beautiful capital, which needs no comment in the face of so many charms and natural beauty.
Lisbon is a historic city that, with its many attractions, attracts thousands of tourists every year. The steep streets, the colonial façades and places with admirable nature are just an extrinsic part of what it is to venture into the capital and find in its simplicity, points to warm the heart. Exploring the capital by taking a ride on Tram 28, visiting the famous São Jorge Castle , the Oceanário, Praça do Comércio, Torre de Belém, Mercado da Ribeirinha and many other places, will provide you with several unforgettable moments and experiences.

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Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland is one of the few places in the world that manages to preserve its historical roots in a unique, spectacular and captivating way. Its cities have fascinating castles and streets, which have already served as inspiration and have been the scene of several films that date back to the medieval era. Famous writer JK Rowling lived for a few years in Edinburgh, the capital of the country, and from there, took places as inspiration for the landscapes and stories of her greatest best seller, Harry Potter.
Enjoy your stay in Edinburgh and set aside a day to stroll through the historic streets of the Royal Mile , there you will have the opportunity to visit fascinating shops, bars, theaters, museums and galleries and also visit one of the main symbols of the country, the majestic Castle of Edinburgh . If you prefer to tour with groups of travelers, there are a variety of tours that are offered free of charge for those who wish to go on a “tour” around the city.

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Berlin, Germany

The Germany is an incredible country, charming and full of stories. Unlike any other place in the world, its cities are full of peculiarities that make a trip there something very special. Beautiful landscapes, lovely destinations, rich stories, varied tourism and many other charms await you in the cities of that country, especially in Berlin, its majestic capital.
The German capital is one of the most fun and lively places in Europe, where any reason for celebration is showered with lots of beer, music and traditional dances. Berlin is also famous for its modern city, both in fashion and architecture. Meeting historic landmarks in the country, such as the Berlin Wall , the Weltzeituhr Clock and the Brandenburg Gate is an incredible experience. It is also worthwhile to get a fascinating view of the capital in the Reichstag glass capsule and dine at the historic and very traditional Zur Letzten Instanz , a 16th century restaurant that was frequented by Napoleon and Beethoven.

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Budapest, Hungary

Do you know these moments of peace and tranquility that you need? Hungary is the place you need to go, because the country has the largest amount of thermal baths of Europe, but this is only one of numerous unique attractions. Despite the culture and population of the country being different, their customs and especially the gastronomy are charming and attract more and more people and people from all over the world.
Budapest , the Hungarian capital or popularly known as the capital of architecture, leaves unforgettable memories for tourists who visit it. Its worldwide fame was born due to the magnificent places such as the Parliament Building , Matthias Church , St. Stephen’s Basilica , Buda Castle and many other tourist spots that reflect the city’s cultural richness. For those who wish to relax, Budapest has more than 10 public spas, in addition to private ones, where even the Romans have already relaxed in the Hungarian waters, now all you need to do is relax, enjoy and venture into this wonderful destination!

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Dublin, Ireland

Worldwide known for their receptivity, the residents of Ireland make their cities even more charming, thanks to their warm welcome. In addition to its population having a charming charisma, each city has fascinating and vibrant attractions, providing fantastic experiences for those who visit the place.
The busy life of Dublin , the capital where we must expect the unexpected, attracts people from all over the world, especially travelers looking for epic adventures. In the main squares and parks of the city, something special is happening all the time, whether artistic groups performing, living statues or solo singers, the atmosphere of relaxation and fun is very cool.
Many backpackers explore the Irish capital and still meet several people, taking group tours. The city offers several free tours that show the best of Dublin for hours. For those who like and want to save as much as possible, enjoy the first Wednesday of the month, as many places open their doors to the public, and on Saturdays you can even visit the president’s residence. That’s awesome!

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a city of multiple facets and can offer the perfect environment for each type of visitor. In the historic city center or in the Joordan neighborhood you will find many options for tours, canals and cafes. Observing the architecture of the city is almost a tourist obligation and yields good photos! The Dutch capital is also known for its charming tall, narrow buildings and its large glass windows and walls.
Take the opportunity to take a bike ride through the city streets, they are the best and it is already a tradition for those who wish to explore the city and then rest in a garden feeling the atmosphere of the place and admiring the tulips that beautify the capital with its countless colors. Discover incredible spots like the Van Gogh Museum , Rijksmuseum (Museum of Modern Art) and Anne Frank House, they will surely be sensational tours and are very close to each other. The city is pure fun and at night its cafes, bars and restaurant are very busy, promising unforgettable moments.

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