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5 amazing destinations that you NEED to visit in South America

South America is an extremely rich continent that has a huge number of natural resources that delight even the most demanding travelers. With beautiful beaches, paradisiacal islands, amazing waterfalls, breathtaking mountain regions and places with a perfect cold climate, the place is ideal for an unforgettable travel tour.

Hurb made a list of 5 paradises in South America that you need to visit. Pack your bags because the selection is amazing!


Chile was chosen as the best destination to travel in 2020. With all its incredible particularities, the venue was still featured in 2017 as the best destination for adventures in the world. Chile has become increasingly exciting and has attracted more and more visitors who have bet heavily on getting to know the country due to its welcoming atmosphere and conducive to new experiences and adventures.

In 2018 its bicentennial as an independent nation, an exceptional occasion to discover one of the most complete countries on the planet. At the opportunity, make sure to visit Santiago, the Torres del Paine National Park, the Atacama Desert, Valparaiso, Puerto Mont, Viña del Mar and the El Yeso Dam.

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Argentina is the house of incredible tango, passionate football, welcoming people, fascinating history, splendid wines and a remarkable cuisine. There are numerous features that make this destination, a place you need to visit in South America in 2020. The place, which is like a “Europe” in South America, holds charms that are not found in other countries of the world. Argentines are a people in love with the country, lovers of local culture and willing to welcome tourists with open arms, this is the Argentine identity you will find on your next trip to the land of Tango.

Extremely diverse, you will find itineraries for all ages in Argentina. In the largest cities such as Buenos Aires and Córdoba, there are excellent cultural options such as museums and theaters, as well as great restaurants, elegant parks and charming shops. In the Mendoza region you will find one of the best wine productions in South America. If you seek adventure allied to too cold, make sure to visit Patagonia. In Bariloche and Las Leñas, the challenge can come from the excellent ski slopes in winter, or horseback riding and canoeing.

When you have the opportunity, make sure to also know El Calafate and the mountains around El Chaltén. You can also watch a Boca x River game, Argentina’s biggest rivalry and enjoy a delicious Choripán, traditional local delicacy.

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A country where history is alive in its streets, squares, valleys and villages of the region, in 2020 enjoy the landscapes of the Sacred Valley, with terraces that wear the mountains and villages where the past is part of the present. Peru is impactful, seductive, natural and delicious. The country was recently awarded as one of the best destinations of 2017, in addition to confirming the leadership as gastronomic destination since 2012, Machu Picchu was named the Tourist Attraction of the coutnry. When you have the opportunity, also visit the Basilica Cathedral of Cusco, the Plaza de Armas and the archaeological parks.


Colombia is one of the most spectacular countries in South America. With attractions that delight even the most demanding tourists, the place has become highly sought after due to its great tourist offer ranging from tours to paradisiacal islands such as San Andrés to Cartagena and the city of Innovation, Medellín. Colombia surprises visitors with its beauty, organization, cleanliness, impeccable public parks and a vast cultural option. With an excellent transport system, travelers will have no problems getting to know the country. As for dining options, the offer is excellent and there are options for all tastes and pockets.

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When you have the opportunity, make sure to visit Medellín, the city of Innovation, Bogotá, Cartagena and San Andrés that has an authentically Caribbean setting, its varied shades of water color, in gradient, yielded the deserved title of “seven-color sea”. It’s a sensational script that you can’t help but know. And best of all, it’s a script that fits in your pocket. Known as the Caribbean without fees it’s cheaper and equally gorgeous!


Uruguay definitely is one of the favorite destinations of the travelers. One of the cheapest countries to travel to and people are looking forward to travel to Uruguay looking for the great cultural offer in the country. Montevideo, the capital, has a genuinely beachy vibe and offers a sensational experience for travelers looking to learn more about the place.

In Montevideo, explore the old town, observing the ancient buildings and elegance of the Porta da Cidadela (Citadel Gate), Palacio Salvo and the Teatro Solís (Solís teathre). When you have the opportunity, visit Punta Del Leste, one of Uruguay’s most sought-after destinations during the summer –between Christmas and Carnival.

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Bonus: Brazil

Visit Brazil. Our country is full of natural beauties ranging from mountains, wine or cachaça routes, waterfalls, amazing beaches, unexplored and uninhabited islands. So if you look for amazing beaches and want to get tanned drizzled to a lot of sunshine all the time, visit the Northeast. It’s the right place for you. Serra Gaúcha has incredible attractions for those who seek to be very close to Europe, being in Brazil. For an experience surrounded by a lot of nature, visit the Amazon. It’s amazing and a spectacle of nature.

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São Paulo is the largest city in the country and concentrates the largest shopping center, Rio is a Wonderful City and has an atmosphere that enchants any tourist around the world. Visit Brazil. What you’ll see around here, you won’t find anywhere else!

The destinations are very complete and have amazing itineraries waiting for you. Only worry about knowing these sensational destinations and let Hurb takes care of the rest.

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