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6 tips to enjoy the amazing Buenos Aires

The list of reasons to visit Buenos Aires is long. You will walk through the city and get emotional, creating amazing memories and fantastic experiences. Patriot people in love with the country, lovers of local culture and willing to welcome tourists with open arms, this is the Argentine identity you will find on your next trip to the land of Tango.

Buenos Aires
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Hurb got you 6 amazing tips for you to enjoy the best out of your time in Argentina.

Enjoy tango 

Tango is a fusion between African culture, the local cultures of the “gauchos”, the people that originated the country, European immigrants and the Middle Eastern. In the city you will find many “tanguerias” with live orchestras and dancers. The best part? Dinner is included, with Argentinian meat and an international menu. You can’t miss it!


Try the local food

The cuisine is based on the essence of the immigrants who populated Buenos Aires in the 19th century and enriched the menu with recipes from Spain, Italy, Germany and the incredible Andean cuisine of neighboring countries. The gastronomic quality of porteño food is recognized in numerous food newspapers and magazines, guaranteeing several international awards for the cuisine of the country. Do not leave Argentina without trying the good meat, the porteño pizza, the famous empanadas, dulce de Leche ice cream, alfajores, churros and the traditional mate.

Bife de Chorizo

Feel the Magic of Soccer

Think about  people who are in love with soccer. Have you thought? Argentines take this passion very seriously. Buenos Aires breathes soccer all the time. In the stadiums, in the pastry shops of the neighborhoods, we can always see the embrace of the goal among fans of the same team. In addition, the city is the headquarters of the super classic Boca Juniors x River Plate, the two most important teams in the country. In this match we can feel the real passion for football.

Futebol Argentino - La Bombonera

Take the Architectural Tour 

In the unique visual identity, several foreign influences are mixed in a way that forms this city as a whole and as different as it is, it’s really exciting. It has Spanish, Italian, French, Brazilian, English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Peruvian colors, among many others. You’ll see each one of them in architecture and in the way its inhabitants speak.

 Casa Rosada

Discover the Portenõ culture

380 bookstores, 287 theaters and 160 museums. There are several reasons that lead us to say that Buenos Aires is a culturally rich city. Teatro Colón is the special representative, being one of the four best lyric theaters in the world, the “Porteño filteado” as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO and Corrientes Avenue as a witness to tango’s golden age!

Teatro Colón

Get to know Argentina’s nightlife

Argentina has a very busy nightlife. Enjoy the excellent restaurants available and after that, enjoy several pubs and bars in the city. You have to try the traditional Quilmes beer (if you drink alcohol), try one of the bars of Plaza Serrano in Recoleta. To extend the night, head for a “boliche”, the porteño slang for nightclub. Puerto Madero, Recoleta and Costanera Norte are the places that host most of the nightclubs in the capital Argentina. Get ready, you’re going to dance till the sun rises.

Noite Argentina

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