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Ex-funcionária da ONU se torna a primeira mulher negra a visitar todos os países

Natural da cidade de Detroit, nos Estados Unidos, Jessica Nabongo tem ascendência ugandesa. Sua relação com o universo das viagens começou aos 6 anos de idade. Quando completou 18, ela já conhecia 8 países diferentes!

Atualmente, ela tem um plano bastante pretensioso envolvendo sua atividade favorita: viajar o tempo todo! Quando concluir seu cronograma, em 2019, ela se tornará a primeira mulher negra a visitar todos os países do mundo. Isso mesmo: todos os 195 países reconhecidos pela Organização das Nações Unidas (ONU).

Por falar na ONU, Jessica também já trabalhou para a organização. Isso aconteceu antes de ela passar por outras empresas até decidir criar sua própria agência de viagens. A Jet Black é especializada em trabalhar diretamente com os governos e marcas que promovem o turismo africano.

Por viajar tanto, seja a lazer ou a trabalho, e usar o Instagram para compartilhar seus momentos, Jessica acabou se tornando uma web celebridade. Sua conta na rede social é a @thecatchmeifyoucan.

Welcome to Estonia! ?? Country 118 of 195!! I am rapidly moving towards my goal of traveling to all of the UN countries and while I am enjoying it, the last few days I became overwhelmed with planning and content creation and answering emails and DMs and being everything to everybody. I love sharing my journey with you but sometimes I need to pull back a bit. Creating content every single day is taxing for me, especially when I want to keep the quality high. I also have to balance being able to enjoy a new city/country without my phone in my hand all of the time. It is a delicate balance. I will eventually do a YouTube video about the insane logistics of traveling to every country in the world, but please know that it is not easy. Thanks to @ayoabroad for sitting on the phone with me for 1.5 hours last night and to @alanabenjamin who has been finding hotels and reaching out to tourism boards. Without the generosity of these two women I would not be able to manage all of the planning that is required. Also please check out my blog. There are tons of updates that we’ve been working on. More to come. All of this to say, I am super excited to share so much of this journey with you all, but there will be some places that I simply will not post about because self-care. I want to enjoy the people that I am meeting and the experiences that I am having and make sure that I am not becoming too overwhelmed. ? my very kind and patient waiter at @the_nautilus_tallinn. #catchmeinestonia #catchmein195

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Ainda faltam 77 países para que Jessica consiga completar seu plano. O último carimbo em seu passaporte, não por acaso, será marcado no dia 15 de maio de 2019: data em que ela completa 35 anos de idade. Nesse dia, ela entrará oficialmente para a história como a primeira mulher negra a conhecer todos os países do mundo.

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Nesta sexta-feira (8), Jessica Nabongo está conhecendo seu país de número 118: a Estônia! Todas as aventuras da viajante são compartilhadas através de suas redes sociais.

Viva mais histórias com o HU e veja mais alguns cliques incríveis do Instagram de Jessica:

happy first day of May! It is officially my birthday month and I am feeling so grateful for so many things! Firstly, so happy to welcome all of the new followers joining me on my journey. I hope you have fun with us. Secondly, for all of the amazing finds that I bought in Lekki Crafts Market. Thirdly, forever grateful for the universe always holding me down. My phone was taken in Lagos, Nigeria and we managed to track it down and get it back and best of all we were able to help a good man by giving him some money and food. Check my stories for more. When I tell you positive energy and moving in your purpose is the only way to do life. Even my Nigerian friend said “that phone is gone”, but the universe brought it back. Same with a stolen wallet in LA, a lost wallet in Detroit, all of the lost credit cards and money in Johannesburg, my entire passport wallet with passports, credit cards and money in the Philippines. I have always gotten back everything I’ve ever lost or that’s ever been stolen, even in places with high crime rates that people have told me to avoid. Travel has taught me time and time again that most people in the world are inherently good. Lastly, thanks to @14zeroseven for this amazing tunic. I’m in love ? #catchmeinnigeria #catchmeonawaveofpositivity #taurusseason

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